V5 Field Application Loader

V5 Field Application Loader, I get an error in both the Match and Skills download button. I can’t get the programs to download. Please help.

I am assuming you mean the website used to download the Field Control Application to the V5 Brain from a browser.

Are you running another program accessing the brain - like VEXcode or PROS?

Yes, I am running VEXcode

Ok make sure VEXcode is not running when you try to load the Field Control App - both VEXcode and the downloader are vying to control the same USB port that is connected to the brain.

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Thanks, I will try again tomorrow and let you know how it goes.

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and the results of your tests?

You were 100% correct, I closed vexcode and everything downloaded like a charm. Thank you so much for the help.

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Great! This is a common concern that James Pearman mentions frequently, kudos to him!

But do mark this as solution and hopefully this topic will not be revived (which it will!)


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