V5 flywheel encoder?

If you are trying to get the velocity of the flywheel you need an encoder on its axle. On the cortex you would just put a shaft encoder. How would you do this on V5, without just taking the motor velocity and multiplying it by the gear ratio ?

You can use a shaft encoder on V5 using the 3 wire ports. Or you can just use the motor velocity which worked well on this robot

Note that the quad encoder can only handle speeds of up to about 1500rpm before values start becoming unreliable. Its also not very good for the encoder to do this and also adds unnessary friction at the most critical part of your flywheel. I’d recommend either using the internal motor encoder (if using V5) or putting the quad encoder on the set of gears before the flywheel and mutiplying by the gear ratio.

+1 an encoder on the flywheel’s shaft really hurts the power of your flywheel.