V5 Flywheel Weight

V5 Flywheel Weight is not in stock however we have one set on it way. Are we able to use a weight for the flyweel using our CNC router, if we use the same materials? If yes, what is the materials?

Give the game manual a read:

It tells you everything that isn’t legal.


Not encouraging cheating but if you don’t get caught nobody will know/care. It’s not even cheating imo who cares if it’s identical. The material is on the website make sure to powder coat


I’m not sure that’s how I interpret the Game Manual


I’m pretty sure he won’t get caught

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Ah yes, the NASCAR ethos. It will be a dark day if that comes to VRC.

Not quite sure how you’re “Not encouraging cheating” by telling someone how to cheat and saying they probably won’t get caught.

Student competitors create the culture of Vex, not the Refs, not the Head Inspectors, not even the GDC. In my experience, the current culture of Vex is one of honest competitors following rules, even when they disagree with the rules or the rules are an impediment. This shows honor and integrity, both of which are values society needs.

But yes, by all means, play the game as though the rules are merely suggestions.


Congratulations! You’re the lucky winner of the next extra-close inspection of the season!


You could CNC cut circles from 15x30 Base Plate (2-pack) - VEX Robotics adding fastener holes if needed - but you definitely cannot use raw stock of equivalent material.


Flywheel weights are currently listed as “ships in two weeks”, so they should be here soon-ish. It is definitely NOT worth the risk of trying to machine your own and hoping you don’t get caught

just dont get caught ez

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Cheating for no competitive advantage… Yeah ok it’s cheating!

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You can also put way too many bolts and nuts on a gear and use that as a flywheel weight


Agreed. Don’t even try it. The refs will know.

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how tho? if you powder coat them which you are allowed to then how can they tell it isnt bought from vex? also happy cake day

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Dude, just don’t. Try to set a good example for all the new roboteers showing up.


I just wanted to know not that i was gonna attempt it. i was just curios how refs would be able to tell since the flywheel weights are basically just laser cut steel.

okay I know putting them on the wheel works, but doesn putting screws and nuts on the gears work as well? and how effective is it?

I’ve found it to work pretty well, and although it does take up more space, it accomplishes pretty much the same thing. You can put 3 or 4 nuts on each bolt for even more weight.


FWIW these are back in stock.


Maccy that’s your opinion not the truth :sob:

OP, don’t cheat it’s not gonna end well.