V5 has shipped

Someone posted on the coaches Facebook page that their V5 Shipped!

Drow posted this fact as well here…

good news!



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This is freaking awesome! I’ll be danged if v5 isn’t 10 gosh darn times as good as v4!

This is great. Hopefully our supplies will come in so we can actually do something our 1st period.

Finally!!! I have my first comp in a week and was getting wrorried

This is great news!


If your receive your bundle please post how many motors you ordered per bundle and what VEX actually sent.

On the Facebook VEX Coaches page, there is a discussion that 4 motors were being shipped with bundles. Not sure that this translates to all bundles, trade-in or not…

Four? That’s not a comforting number.

For the ghost teams it is more than they will use during a season.

Ghost teams?

A situation where an organization may register more teams than have actually competed in the last season or more…

Think - register 300 teams when you only had two ever compete … you get x$$$ discount and 30%off 6000 motors…

I do not believe anyone would go to that extreme, but consider what would prevent it.

Ok, that is consistent with what I was told.

The early pre-orders for v5 have arrived; we actually received ours today

This seems like a totally possible option that could definitely benefit some organizations and has no negative ramifications for the organization actually doing it. Obviously 300 teams is a lot but registering an extra team or two seems quite plausible.

If enough teams do this, it will seem to show a fictitiously high growth rate and it will benefit some regions more than others, which is potentially problematic.

Separately, @Jared2183 when you get a chance, could you test the torque of a v5 motor against a 393? Thank you!

@Jared2183 when did you order?