V5 head ref certification

Do you need to be head ref certified to be a head ref at a competition? the certification course has not been posted, and i was asked to be a head ref at a competition that is soon.

In general, Head Referees who refereed last season should be good for early season. If you are new to refereeing, make sure the EP knows this, watch matches and check in with other referees who have experience.


Although I was never certified, I am well-versed inside of all the rules, and have watched a couple of the referee videos from last year. Do you have to be certified in order to be head ref?

Referee resources found here: Volunteer Downloads | REC Foundation

There are three requirements for Head Referee - be at least 20 years old, approved by EP and certified . Clearly the latter is not an option today, but should be out soon (hopefully!).

Read the Referee Guide in the link above.