V5 Help?

Hey! This is Team Name here. We’re eating Takis and trying to brainstorm robot ideas when all of a sudden we get the message that our school is cool to buy the V5 robot kit. We know what it does, but we also don’t have any clue whatsoever how to use it. We’d really use some help! Thank you!

The basics are: vex coding studio for windows, 8 motors, different cartridges to swap out, uses normal screws for motors, .25 inch for cortex attaching, and put metal inserts in the motors. If you have issues repost on this thread

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Thank you! This is going to be super helpful in the future ^^

Which kit??? They vary a lot…

Probably just your average kit, I don’t really know yet. I’ll go ask my coach in a minute

Alright, so we’re getting the competition kit. Done some research, and i think i know a little bit, but still not nearly enough :l

nonononono VCS is discontinued. Your options are PROS, RMS, and VEXcode.

The competition starter competition kit includes 4 v5 motors, so you’ll need to order at least 4 more. I’d go with 10 or 12 to be on the safe side. The extra cost is worth it should a motor break.

If you already have parts then it’s better to just for for the V5 System Bundle + 4 motors, costs a little less I believe.


There’s a couple of them. If you get the cheaper one it comes with kit instructions that would get you going in a couple of weeks. There is a much different feel to the bots and parts, so I would start with that if you can. If you get the advanced kit it won’t come with a claw, so you could try to build a tray bot. The one in the picture could be built but I was assured that bot instructions would not be released.

Rather than the system bundle I would get the classroom starter kit, which is basically the starter with kit with some extra parts and a claw assembly for picking things up.

I agree. For only $50 more that’s a great deal…

I’m under the impression that this is a middle school with an IQ program that is starting a V5 program. If you are starting EDR, the kits are a great deal but be prepared to buy a few more things.

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V5 Bundle + 4 motors is $724.05. You would be paying an additional $175.05, which you may not want spend if you already have parts.

Yes, I made the assumptions stated above. I think you’d have to buy the motors either way, right?

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However I would simply go for the competition starter kit, although 400 more, you get aluminum parts and not steel, saving weight. For competition teams likely won’t use steel parts, so they would be somewhat useless.

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Yes, I forgot to account for that. Also I miscalculated, you would be paying an additional $210.04, not $175.05 (competition kit w/o extra motors). Add on motors and you pay $350 more.

Get aluminum pieces steel pieces suck.
Also dont use VCS I doubt you can even download it anymore. Use vexcode.

I have vcs, and can I transfer my code to vexcode?

Yes, I believe they use the same language. It’s just that initiation of a new project is slightly different, so you’ll have to copy and paste code in blocks.
(I mean in sections, so you cant just highlight everything and control c paste it in one huge blob)

Ok thanks how do you bypass 20char on mobile?

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