V5 Images on brain

I’m trying to upload an image on the brain to have it display the entire match currently I have
Brain.Screen.drawImageFromFile(“pic.png”, 100, 100);
but I get an error code
no member name ‘drawImageFromFile’ in ‘vex::brain::lcd’
Brain.Screen.drawImageFromFile(“pic.png”, 100, 100);

What software are you programming with? (i.e. Robot Mesh Studio, VEXcode Text, PROS)

Sorry for the late response

If you look closely the quotes are special unicode quotes, you probably typed them in google docs or something. (https://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/~mgk25/ucs/quotes.html)
use standard quotes.

Brain.Screen.drawImageFromFile("pic.png", 100, 100);

or perhaps that was a result of posting on the forum, idk.

It is a valid API in VEXcode, not in VCS.


Wait nvm I use VCS idk why I said VEXcode is there away to do this is VCS

I remade my program in VEXcode and your right about the quotes and, it actually works in VEXcode so I might start using that I like it much better.
Thank you