V5-Intelligent Simplicity

In the video the first thing that we see is the cortex. I see 20 Ports on the top of the cortex and the letters A-H on the side. What I can only interpret as the 1-20 is the analog and digital ports, (8 analog and 12 digital like the old cortex) and the lettered side of the cortex as the motors. (Only 8?)

Then we come to see the “Vision Sensor”. Who knows how that will work since it seems to be similar to the VEXplorer Camera and i see no way to implement the camera for competition use so far. ( Game where drivers are away from the field???)

To wrap it all up we see the Joystick. The massive power button in the center makes me nervous as i tend to move a lot while driving and accidentally hit buttons constantly. Also the USB charging instead of replacing batteries. As we all know, batteries that recharge in that way (cellphones,computers,cameras ,etc.etc.) eventually run out and will either hold very little charge or no charge at all.

My question. What is the general feeling about these new products and does your team see an upside to them?


PS Not trying to hate on the new system before anyone has it. I really hope that we get one to try and to be able to experience V5.

Also Vex Updated their website so here ya go kiddos.


The controller is awful but the rest of it seems pretty cool.

Those 20 (+1 on the side) ports are all “smart”: Power + RS485 serial communication.
The 8 ports are “legacy” and can interface current sensors, and, to some extent, old motors.
The smart ports are compatible with the new V5 motors, the smart camera and, later on, an array of newly developer sensors. The legacy ports should stay though - it makes little sense to create a bumper as RS485 digital communication device.

As for the camera, it it a “vision” sensor - You can expect to get (over RS485) locations and sizes of color blobs, not the image itself. It also allows streaming of the actual image over wifi to a smartphone, but I wouldn’t count on that being allowed in the game.

For the 20 new ports I would expect them to be like Vex IQ. Plug anything into them and the system will figure out what it is. Ports will not be designated as only for Analog or Digital.

Anyone know if we’re gonna get telemetry on the controller? it would be great with that screen.

I see actual use for the vision sensor. It’s not just a “dumb” camera, as I believe you might think. It has special software onboard that allows it to easily detect colors and lines on the field and relay them in a format the programmer can use. My guess would be that the robot can be programmed to use the camera to guide the robot to a scoring object or to analyze its position on the field and use that to determine the best way to go in autonomous.

Agreed. The new sensor is going to open up so many possibilities. To the point where if you programmed enough you could run your whole 1:45 driver period autonomously.

I’m really looking forward to a whole new set of game dynamics that the vision sensor will allow. One of my teams could have used this last year instead of multiple ultrasonics to detect stars thrown over the fence in autonomous.

Watch the video for the Pixy cam here (http://charmedlabs.com/default/pixy-cmucam5/) then let your imagination run wild with how this could be used to identify scoring objects, goals, or other areas on the field.

Like a lot of others I’m especially excited to have a vision sensor just because of how useful it will be. As far as the quality of it goes Vex said on their website that it was a “Collaborative evolution of the Pixy Camera” which means it’s not going to be a sucky version of the old camera. As for the rest of it the only thing I don’t like about the new system so far is that the controller had the buttons and sticks switched around so I won’t be used to it but even that’s not a big deal at all. Having built in screens on the brain and joystick should come in handy. I’m especially excited about the motors though. @Paul Copioli said in several other threads that they will have a built in encoder, current sensing for debugging, compatibility with both the high strength and regular shafts, cartridges to change the “gearing” rather than taking the motor apart(as well as a 600 rpm cartridge which is going to be fun), and a lot of other cool features. The brain is really nice too. I think the screen is going to be very useful for debugging and I’m extremely excited about the bluetooth connectivity as my 6 year old+ cortex and joystick can have quite a few connectivity issues every now and then.
So overall even though we’ve had to wait for so long Vex has definitely bridged that gap very well imo. They’ve improved everything to a point that the new system should be able to stay relevant for a good while.

The bullets on the new motor on the Vex V5 website say "Motors can provide power to a full robot continuously "
Anyone have a take on what this means? The first think I thought is that they won’t completely stall, but that’s probably just wishful thinking.

It might be able to power an entire robot but the gearing to get it to do so would be horrendous, just think about it at least 50% of your robot would be gears and axels

I believe Paul said the firmware will be constantly limiting the current draw to safe levels instead of having physical PTCs in the new motors. So, peak output of the motors (at a constant maximum current) can be achieved continuously without stalling.

No more driving then having it stop working for 15 secs then only working for a tiny little bit! YES!

Yes, it was announced the controller display would be programmable. So whatever you want to send there is a fair game.

Can’t wait to get the V5… um, in the hands of students, yeah, students.

As far as the vision sensor goes, it is based upon the Pixy cam sensor which has been in development for while. Here is a taste: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=37&v=J8sl3nMlYxM

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