V5 internal PID vs Custom PID

The v5 motors are pretuned and operate at 10ms intervals. However without documentation, there isn’t a lot we can do short of testing to see how the tuning works in scenarios of higher inertia, friction, or directional bias (like gravity with a lift).

Lets say that you are using a vision sensor as an aimbot, to track and follow blocks. Is it better to output frequent and constantly changing rotateTo/For(position) commands to the motors, or program a custom PID in the brain and output just a motor value to the motors?

Also, which situations in general constitute the need for custom PID controllers instead of using the one built into the motors?

In theory you want it everywhere. The thing with the build in PID is that it is not perfectly tuned because they want you to make your own.

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But what kind of update frequency can you get using a custom PID?

How to create custom PID?

Welcome to the VEXForum! In the future, please don’t revive dead threads. In this particular case, I’d suggest using the search bar for the answer to your question as there are a lot of really good threads with info on making a PID. I suggest you read through them as a lot have detailed documents attached. Search results for 'how to make a PID' - VEX Forum



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