V5 Intertial Sensor vs. Legacy Accelerometer/Gyroscope

I just found out about the V5 Inertial sensor that was released a bit ago.

I don’t know if anyone has gotten any, or if many have had time/bothered to experiment with it, but are there any differences in efficacy between the V5 and Legacy counterpart sensors? I’m trying to decide whether it’s worth it to buy the V5 sensor. We don’t currently use the Legacy counterparts, but I am interested in trying them out, and if the V5 ones are at all “better”, then I would be even more interested.

Thanks all

I have personally never used the old gyros, but if even half of what I’ve heard about them on here is true, the inertial is much better. I used it this whole TT season with a PID and my turns were very accurate. I didn’t notice any of the drifting issues that people complain about with the old gyro.

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I haven’t used the old ones either, but I have used the inertial a bit, and I never had any issues with drifting so it seems pretty solid to me.

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To be honest, I have experience with both, but I don’t have experience with the Legacy accel/gyro on V5, because something was something wrong with our V5 Brain that sent too much current to those items and caused immediate smoking.

The Inertial sensor has had much less drift than when I used the legacy gyro. Unless cost is an issue, I don’t see why you wouldn’t get the Inertial sensor.


Sounds like a worthwhile buy, then!

Thanks guys~

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