V5 kit shipping dates pushed back?

I preordered a V5 Classroom Starter Kit instead of the system bundle and motors because you got a few parts and a pair of omni wheels for just a little bit more $$. However, it looks like the shipment dates for all V5 kits were just pushed back to either September or October. The V5 components themselves still say expected to ship in August.

I run an independent program that meets primarily over the summer, but VEX has been sold out of 393 motors and omni wheels. So, I have 2 new teams sitting around this summer with just a few worn out 393 motors between them. Obviously Im very motivated just to get something for them to work on and September is too late.

Is there any word about why the kits are being pushed back but the system bundle still says August?

Should try to switch my pre-order from the kit to the system bundle now? Is it important to be a preorder to be at the front of the queue? At this point I would even consider buying another cortex system but there is no point without available 393 motors.

Well this just made my decision to go back to ordering bundles clear.

@CriticalError From what I understand V5 system bundles are being prioritized right now. The competition or classroom type bundles will ship after those system bundles.

You should be at least be able to find used 393 motors for sale for a decent price. I know we have a ton, some unused even, we just haven’t decided to put them on ebay or anything yet.

Where do you see the shipment dates at?

vexrobotics.com - look under EDR - then V5 kits/bundles - estimated shipping times are indicated there.

V5 components and V5 System Bundle are listed as shipping in Augusts.

Classroom and competition kits - September and October.

So we went from SS worlds to 2018 to ITZ worlds to August to October… phenomenal.

I’m quite disappointed in vex for having such absurd and inconsistent estimates, and even more disappointed that they think it’s fair to send a handful of handpicked teams the v5 equipment a year early at no cost.

If your teams need 393 motors, I could ship you between 10 and 15 at a very reduced cost. Hit me up in dms if you’re interested.

Good luck!

This probably means that they are updating based on their backlog. I wouldn’t cancel any orders without calling first. If you order NOW, this is what you will get it.

This is correct. We’re trying to get the new V5 components into the hands of as many of our users as possible. Therefore, we’re dedicating a large majority of our first shipments to those that order the V5 System Bundle, as those contain everything (minus the motors, obviously) needed to get a V5 robot up and running.

@CriticalError Our customer service team would be more than happy to talk you through your options. Please don’t hesitate to give them a call at 903-453-0802, or send an e-mail to "sales@vex.com".

I’m a little confused by this. Would you rather get the hardware shipped to you without any testing? What would be your ideal system.

Hardware development is hard. With the amount of R&D placed into it, I would rather have the delays.

Also, testing is such a critical component of any sort of product release. If there was no testing by external users, we could have a very buggy and unusable product which hurts them. We can’t even use the beta kits for competition.

Trust me, I was here when they did the Cortex rollout. That was a low point.

Obviously, Best of Three !!!

I mean I was talking about system for testing and rolling out V5 units lol.

Either way, he’s not wrong lol

Actually, do you really want Bo3 for a unit you purchased? “That’s ok, I’ll send it back to you up to three times until you get it right…”

Bo3 = Amazon
Bo1 = Aliexpress

would rather have the option to send it back thb

I agree that we should not be punishing VEX in their effort to maintain a standard of quality instead of hastily shipping out a broken product, but this can only be taken so far. It’s extremely important to inform customers about reasonable and accurate project deadlines, especially if so many people depend on this information to make impactful decisions for their organization. Customers trusted VEX to be truthful about V5 launch and ship dates, and it backfired and led to situations as such that of the OP. It’s very much understandable for deadlines to be pushed back maybe a few times, usually long before the deadline nears, and only for a reasonable amount of time; I think this is very acceptable. But I think most people would agree that with V5, this crossed the line of acceptability. With so many talented individuals working hard in greenville, I would not expect for this to be an issue.

Either way, the overall situation could have been handled much better from day 1. I’m particularly interested in seeing what effect this will have in official competition, especially early season. Unless VEX will be shipping a wherehouse full of kits immediately, (judging from the scenario, I’m not even sure they have more than a roomfull) I can imagine at least some level of competitive disparity depending on how much easier V5 will make building robots.


REC is not the manufacturer of VEX hardware - IFI/VEX Robotics is.

My mistake, I hope this did not detract from my point.

I am also annoyed at vex’s estimates being so far off. I bet if I asked @Paul Copioli would agree that he is annoyed that the estimates were so far off.

I was only commenting on the beta program. @Anomaly was angry people were sent units to beta test and I asked if he would rather the production units were not tested.