V5 Materials Cost?

I’m currently on a school team and I’m interested in being a one-man team next year. How much do you guys spend on materials and what do you recommend I buy (comp super kit, hardware kit + v5 system bundle, etc.)?

It depends on your current skill level. If you know what you want and will focus on just the parts you need, then the smaller kit with your upgrades will be your cheaper path.

But you should expect to spend between $1200 and $1500 no matter what direction you go.

You should also check places like Robosource. I’m a fan of their color coded screws in both regular and shoulder versions. They also have some custom parts that are pretty cool.


I know this is quite off-topic but what would you use colour coded screws for?

it’s really easy to determine the length of the screw at a glance, and makes sorting them a breeze. Also it looks pretty cool. And doesn’t cost that much more than their regular star drive screws. Well worth it imo, buying the color coded star drive screws from robosource was one of the best investments I’ve made.


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