V5 Memory Permission Error 03802578

My code is yielding a “memory permission error” across multiple brains both on a wireless and wired connection. I have changed declarations, variables, and tried to decipher if I’m misusing pointers to no avail. I believe the cause is in the DriverControl.h file. Please advise!


yea, so all this stuff in header files (which should also not have actual code in) is causing your error.

double for_backAxis = Controller1.Axis3.value();
double turnAxis = Controller1.Axis1.value();
int BrakeButton = Controller1.ButtonB.pressing();
double  Left_V = 0, Right_V = 0;
double dir_mult = 1;

int Lift_up = Controller1.ButtonR1.pressing();
int Lift_down = Controller1.ButtonR2.pressing();
const int Lift_Speed = 35;//percentage motor speed

int Intake_in = Controller1.ButtonL1.pressing();
int Intake_out = Controller1.ButtonL2.pressing();

The errors happens because you try and use the instance “Controller1” before it has been created, but also that code makes no sense, why initialize a global variable from the current value of a Controller button or axis ?

In general, the code needs to be reorganized due to incorrect use of header files, keep function definitions should be in .cpp source files, function declarations go in the header files.