V5 Memory Permission Error

I am getting a Memory Permission Error ! 03802A38

I am using ModKit, for the CSE Curriculum. I’ve looked at the code, and I am not able to isolate the problem. Any ideas?

Do you mean VCS blocks ?

Need to see the project, if you can send me the .vex file via DM I can take a look.

I had the same problem but in VCS at Worlds. We asked tech support there about it and they just replaced our V5 brain.

That must have been a very specific case, we probably tried the code on another brain and it ran ok. A memory permission error is most likely due to using an initialized variable as a pointer or something like that, not uncommon, usually a simple code error.


Here is a link to the file. I tried uploading the vex file, but it said that I could not upload because I am a new user.

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There’s an error in your code, see below. You end up accessing elements past the end of the array, that causes an error.


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