V5 Mimic Issue on Robot Mesh Studio: Motor + Gears


Hi There! Love the mimic feature but still learning how to use it. Right now I’m just trying to figure out why my gears aren’t working. The motor works when its on its own and the other gear spins if I drop something on it but the gears won’t bite when I put them together. Is it just a spacing issue or is this a bug in the V5 mimic editor?

Link to Project: https://www.robotmesh.com/studio/5d8c2ffa2ac51e694236e08a

Any help or explanation as to what I’m doing wrong would be great.

There’s a small vertical height difference between the two axles and it’s juuuuust large enough when combined with the horizontal spacing for the system to think that they shouldn’t mesh. The bottom L bracket on the driven side is slightly elevated compared to its companion on the driving side.

On my copy, I fixed it by driving the axles into holes on the same piece (the motor) to guarantee their spacing, then tweaked the positioning of the pieces on the driven side starting from the bearing and working towards the base plate.

See here for a working example without the bearing block: https://www.robotmesh.com/studio/5d8ce7f52ac51e694236eb18

We’ll investigate why the bearing block causes the mis-alignment

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Thanks! I do see the misalignment when I switch to side view and turn off perspective view. The whole base was raised so I don’t think it’s an issue with the bearing block specifically. After fixing it that, it still didn’t seem to work. What I ended up doing was follow @John_TYler to make the snapping work. I actually copied the exact same gear and axle and then set the snapping to the biggest size. In that snapping mode I was able to move it horizontally in the correct location but if I had a smaller snap size I don’t think I’d be able to position it correctly. I wish the physics solving was a bit more forgiving but hey, its still amazing what it can do!

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I agree! We put “more forgiving gear meshes” on our to-do list after investigating this problem yesterday.