V5 Minesweeper - The Most Efficient Way to Waste Time at Competition

Hello Everyone!

I whipped up a version of Minesweeper in RobotMesh that runs well on the V5 Brain. (we didn’t get motors yet so there are just a bunch of bored programmers stuck in a room with V5)


-Touch Screen
-Joystick as Pointer
-DPad to shift pointer
-(A) to open section
-(B) to add flag

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Nice :slight_smile:
The same code will build in VCS with one minor change.
sleepMs(20); becomes this_thread::sleep_for(20);

Cool! This has a lot of improvements over the version I wrote in Blockly. Using the controller certainly removes a lot of the restrictions imposed by just using the touchscreen. Would you mind if I pointed to your version from mine? You could probably make this a Mimic project, too, as our Mimic engine has V5 LCD and joystick mockups.

Oh wow, I didn’t know one already existed. Yes, please reference my version if you’d like.

Also, yes this also works great as a Mimic project. In fact, I wrote most of the code alongside the emulator; very awesome for UI testing.

Can you run Doom on it?

You should run Doom on it.

This is honestly pretty cool, well done!

This is one of my projects once we have everything else more important out of the way (and can find a good ARM port to work with)

ok when can we expect a fornite port

Please… no

Can I pre-order no mans sky for it?