V5 Molex Power Cable Cad Files and Datasheet

I made a CAD model of the V5 power cable if anyone wants to use it. It’s not fully detailed, but it’s pretty close.
I attached both step and f3d files, along with the datasheet I based it off of.


V5 Power Cable Plug 2004561214.zip (3.0 MB)


What is this for? Are your cables broken or something?

Some people might want to, for instance, 3D-print a new connector so they can power robots from a power supply or a non-VEX battery.

Obviously none of this would be competition-legal.

I would not recommend trying to 3D print this design. It does not have the proper tolerances, and I cannot guarantee that the pins will snap in properly. I made this design because I couldn’t find it anywhere else, and I’m trying to assemble a complete Fusion 360 parts catalog. If someone wants to mess with using something other else to power the brain (or powering something other than the brain with the battery), then I recommend just buying a set of cables and splicing them.