V5 Motor Acting Up

During our final worlds match today VRC HS Division (LRT PM) May 20 - MATH B - YouTube (4:42:57) we mysteriously had our right drive motor turn off. The red light on the motor wasn’t on leading us to believe that it became unplugged. However, the motor was plugged in on both the brain and the motor, and when we unplugged and replugged it in it started working. It never had a problem before, and it’s a non-custom cable (600mm). Have any other teams encountered this? If so should we replace the cable and/or the motor?

There’s a chance it became slightly unplugged, enough to stop it working, but not much visual difference - since re-plugging it fixed it.


Are you using PROS by any chance?

Like @StuartV said it was, probably, momentarily unplugged.

I think there is a bug, where vexos keeps some sort of table with motor settings in V5 brain memory (like reversed or not, max torque, target velocity, etc…) and, if motor gets unplugged and re-plugged back within 1 sec or so, it doesn’t resend that table even though the motor forgot its copy of the settings, because it was without power for too long.

We were using PROS in TT season and we programmed a button on a remote to re-set all motors and re-send them all settings again, because we had these hickups several time during driver control practice.

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