V5 motor blinking red

Hello. We currently have a motor that’s LED will flash red only when plugged into port 8. It flashes and will not run. However, when we plug it into any other port, it runs perfectly and will not flash.
Thanks for any help.

That means that port 8 on the V5 brain is damaged.
If you have any details on when/how this happened, for example, was the motor running, what type of mechanism is the motor on, how long is the cable etc. that will help us troubleshoot.

Contact vex support and arrange for a replacement brain.


why a replacement? Just avoid port 8 altogether. I doubt that anyone is going to use all 21 ports

Maybe it would be a good idea to have VEX do an autopsy on the device to figure out root causes that may benefit others moving forward…

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yeah :slight_smile:

This made me laugh, just like avoiding ports 1 and 10 on the Cortex.


We just ran into this problem. One of our ports just quick working. We are using the motor to operate the closing and opening of our claw. We are not for sure why it quit working. However we have noticed that every time we drive the robot and then go to touch the frame. It shocks us. There is no exposed wires. Maybe this cause it. Has there been anyone to figure anything new on this?

how long is the wire?

@dvdorn the shock is from a few things : low humidity, friction from the tires, and static in the mats.

It is 1500 mm. Is it the long wire messing it up? It is the only motor that is using a 1500 mm length. The others are using 1200 or below.

yes, the long wire is messing it up. try going to your nearest hardware store and getting a phone connector that allows you to connect two V5 cords. that is what fixed our problem and it is not breaking the rules. If a judge has a problem with it then have him look at rule <R3> and <R8>.

We have same problem. 5 ports are burned out and only at 3 days. We don’t know what to do if all ports will burn out.How we can contact vex support?


We’ve burnt out 16 ports over 2 Brains, we ended up swapping the motor and the wire that fixed the problem.