V5 motor brake type hold

Recently at a competition I had a motor randomly die after a match. My teams’s theory was that it was caused by the fact that the motor was set to the hold brake type. So my question is that can haveing the brake type set to hold kill a v5 motor? If it is relevant the motor was on our angle changer and had a torque cartridge.

If you keep using the angle changer and changing directions, it will make it break quicker compared to having it to brakeType coast.

Did the light for the motor still work?

Let it rest and try it again. I had a wall motor get all wonky after being forced to rotate on motor hold. Wouldn’t turn anymore.
Quick break made the motor good as new

if you were putting a lot of stress on the motor, it could cause it to overheat. push it too hard, and it very well could become permanently damaged.


It might be motor overload, which is using the motor too much. It probably is if the motor is working on and off. See if it works at first but then crawls to a stop. Or if it stops then works a few seconds later, or if the motor is warm.