V5 Motor Burnout

I have a V5 motor that was used at 200 RPM to power my drivetrain, but suddenly shortly after turning the Brain on, the motor simply burned out without any warning, I even touched the motors, but they were not hot. It didn’t seem like static or anything, as the light powering the motor was also not functioning properly. It was making sort of a very quiet buzzing sound when I plugged it in. I’ve tried multiple ports, and wires, and they’ve all not seemed to have worked.

It’s dead. I lost a motor that way too. See if you can get vex to replace it



yeah your motor’s dead. getting a replacement is your best bet.


That’s unfortnate. That would be the 5th motor I’ve lost myself, after in August when going to China, I lost 4 motors on an airline accident. What’s with me loosing so many motors!?

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