V5 Motor Cables missing after the Cavelaro Cup.

Our team (2605C) accidentally took three V5 motor cables from various teams at the Cavelaro Cup on February 2nd.

If any team is missing a motor cable that they lent to our team, contact us and we’ll do our best to return it. We will be attending the Bellingham Robo Bash on February 8th.

Hey guys!
We’re not missing cables, but where in the pits were you/where did you acquire them from? We might still have a map of the pits and could narrow down possible teams.

We’re sorry about the late reply! We got snowed out and unable to access our school VexForum account for thirteen days.

We took all three cables from teams in the top right of the pits which had purple jerseys. I believe it was the 917 teams.