V5 Motor Cables

In the V5 System Bundle, there’s only 5 motor cables, and our team plans on using 8 motors. Are we required to buy additional cables through VEX, or are there unofficial options?

You need to buy them through VEX. They are designed with heavier gauge wire to better handle the power being sent to the motors. Commercially available similar cable are not built to the same standard.

I ordered my cables as soon as they were available and, sadly, they arrived before my v5 hardware

Given we haven’t been supplied with cables we ordered, so we need to use some commercial ones till they arrive or we have a half functioning robots. Just going to test the current limits and put them on less demand motors and possibly for the Bluetooth. They are 4P4C cables (Rj10 IO think, RJ 11 is 6P and too wide) - straight wired, with no cross. The cables are well priced from VEX compared to what else I’ve found anyway. Only doing this reluctantly as the supply of cables is too few.

The roll out of V5 has been poor lets be honest. We pre ordered in June and traded in, still waiting on parts…

From my orders in August and before, I have everything BUT the cables!

Interesting, right???!!!

That’s interesting to hear. Back in august I got cable that I ordered within a week of ordering, so unless something has gone massively wrong with the supply chain since then I think there may have been a mistake in your orders. Try giving a call to vex support.

Every team in the UK is affected by the late delivery issue. VEX support isn’t going to help.

Just wondering if anyone knows the V5 radios current requirements, as I’m going to try non-VEX 4P4C cables with it first to free up the heavy duty VEX ones for more motors.

I just tested a VEX cable versus a Normal one, 0.4 Ohm for VEX and 0.6 Ohm for non-VEX for a 0.3m cable, so it is a big difference.

I think everyone is affected, period. I’m in texas and I’m starting to have my doubts that they paid for anything faster than a walking deliveryperson.