V5 Motor Cartridges Custom Ratio Combinations


After helping VexU teams in designing custom motor cartridges based on my previous releases, I have realized that the configurable parts I produced in inventor ( 400rpm, 1200rpm, 3600rpm release
and Internal Gearing Release ) ultimately were lacking in their ease of use for creating custom motor cartridges. To rectify this issue, I have now developed a google sheet document that provides all the possible cartridge combinations between 100rpm and 3600rpm.

This sheet can be found at: Vex Custom Cart Combinations

Included in the sheet are the gear sizes, quantity, and spacing needed for each stage of the planetary gearsets in the v5 motor cartridges. In my original calculations in Inventor, I discovered an error making not all combinations optimized in spacing. In this google sheet, these results are now optimized so all combinations are balanced in spacing.

If a team successfully makes any of these carts, I will allow the team to name the cartridge in the name column.


VERY COOL! this will be helpful to my team (NJIT)

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Speaking of custom cartridges, here is a differential cycloidal 45 RPM cartridge I designed:

It can handle the full torque of the motor- you can stall it. DM for more info if you want the files or anything :))


That’s neat! Glad to see other teams experimenting with custom cartridges! I haven’t looked into anything other than planetary gearsets yet as there is a lot that can be done with them. I still need to get into triple stages for sub 100rpm, and reverse stages to get ratios past 3600.