V5 Motor Clicking

In my robot, we are using a few motors for our lift. Whenever we lower the lift, and stop the lift, one of the motors starts clicking kind of fast. It’s been doing this since we only had 2 motors on the lift, so it may be strained or something. Another piece of useful info is that the motors are holding when it stops.

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Usually it’s your gears skipping when you hear loud clicking, but I wouldn’t rule out cartridges. Does this behavior continue when you are lifting? Also, does your lift go up smoothly or does it seem to jerk?

This may be because you are using the hold command which uses a pid sort of code to hold the motor. So the clicking is your motor moving really slowly and you can hear the individual clicks. If you tap the controller so it moves a tiny bit it should be fixed. Nothing to worry about.


Yep. Brake type hold makes this noise, as forza said.

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