V5 Motor Coast?

I was wondering because the V5 motors have “holding force,” like when given no power they will hold against turning forces, if you will be able to set something in the code so that on a flywheel, for example, when you go from full power to zero it would allow the motor to “coast” to a stop.

V5 motors have 3 stopping (brake) modes (Hold, Brake and Coast). You can set each motor to one of these modes in the users firmware. Example in VCS it would look like this:
Mymotor.setStopping(vex: :brakeType: :hold);

  • Hold mode will apply power to the motor to keep it at a current position of the encoder. This mode will apply as much power as allowed to make sure the motor does not move. Also if you over power the motor it will fight to get back to its original location once you let go.

  • Brake mode puts the motor controller into brake mode. This uses the motors own generated power to hold its position. It will has noting to do with the encoder so if you overpower this brake mode the motor will hold the new position.

  • Coast mode lets the motor freely spin. Friction will of course slow the motor but there is no other force applied to the motors output to make it stop.

So for this application all you need to do is set the flywheel motor to Coast.