V5 Motor Cover

Hello. Does anyone have a file for a 3d print or just a CAD file for a v5 motor cover (like a case)?

I had cases made for the old two wire motors that turned them into the V5 form factor. Is that what you want?

If they fit regular v5 motors then yes please

Can you be more specific on what you are looking for? The things I had made are cases that go over the old style 2 wire motors and make them the same size / form factor as a V5 motor. You seem to be asking for something else.

Yes that case please

Im fairly certain that what Foster has is not what you want. Do you want a case to put a v5 motor in or a case that makes the old 2 wire motors the same size as a v5 motor?


I am not even sure what is wanted - not a Foster issue, but rather more details needed in the problem definition.


Here I want a case that goes around a v5 motor on your bot. Here is an example:

Interesting, not legal in VEX robotics competition as it would be considered functional (e.g., added layer of mechanical protection)

Good luck this season.

Ok, you want a decorative cover for your V5 motors. I don’t have that.

The V5 motor is big and bulky to start with, why the cover?

Just spray paint it a different color.

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Finally, something this week that’s not a Foster issue!


This looks like a picture of 60704s semicolons robot, a vrc hs team. That is most likely for decoration or possibly for a practice quick swap, which would be replaced for a vrc legal motor attachment for tournaments

3d printed functional parts are no legal - point to Q&A to confirm.

I might be wrong but I believe they have used the case in tournaments and I think that it’s just decorative, although someone could say its functional as it adds protection. People have speculated its used for hot swaps but I’m pretty sure it’s not as I believe I saw it bolted on when I last saw their robot in person.