V5 motor dead on first use?

We had a V5 motor dead on the very first connection. Connected the cable to that V5 motor, it spin for a second and then nada. the light connect to the motor went off. We plug the same cable to another motor with no issue. So it can’t be the cable or port on V5 brain.
But that was a brand-new V5 motor. Has this happened to anyone else?

V5 is known to break. We have had motors break, but not usually the first time we used them. We had something similar, but it lasted a good couple months before it broke. You should probably just contact Vex and get a replacement.

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Contact vex support, and they’ll probably get you an RMA and send you a new one. We have a couple hundred motors, and replaced, I think, about 6 on warranty for early failure.


I’ve also had the same issue except with a motor that has been used for 4 months , they should get it replaced if it hasn’t been that long.

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Thanks for all the feedback!
One follow up question: V5 motor is not easily mounted to the robot. Many times, it requires the robot to be partially disassembled. If motor dies in competition, it’s almost impossible to swapped out the dead motor in time for the next alliance run. How does your team handle situation like that?

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Try to do it anyway. Usually you have enough time to do minor build things (but that’s only in my experience). When you are building your robot, it is a good idea to make your motors easily accessible if you need to remove them. Just not accessible to defensive robots.

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I have my bearings and wheels made such that it’s easy to swap the motor out. I only need to loosen a screw( which is held in the wheel - sprocket assembly) and take out that assembly, axle, and spacer to access the motor screws.

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Our school has had about a dozen motors break since we got them ~6 months ago. Most of them broke after only a short run time so I think it was probably QC issues and not static especially since we don’t have any heating/ac in our room.

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My school has over 300 V5 motors and only about 3 have had to be replaced since we got them 2 years ago, I have had this problem with the V4 motors but never the V5’s

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I think I know why v5 took so long to ship pls tell me this is a typo


I felt that man. Just contact vex support and let them know the motor is broken and they should handle it. Tell Justin I said hi.

this is not a typo but we spread the orders out over 4 months so it wouldn’t do what happened anyway. I don’t believe that we were the problem but there is a high chance

Y so many?

20 carrots

We have around 30 teams and we require all teams to have 8 motors in their tool box, but they don’t have to use them all.

Okay that makes a bit more sense. That’s a lot of teams. The biggest program I’ve seen has about 12

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We have our motors without the screws. Basically we don’t have the skinny long screw holding it. Instead we have two zipties that we can take off. Some spots will take litterally 5 seconds to swap while others are more inconvenient.

I do see a lot teams use zip-ties around their motors and was always wondering what was that all about. Isn’t screw strong enough to hold the motors. So that’s what it is. There is no screws holding motor at all! Only zip-ties. Wow! awesome! Thanks for sharing! Does it work all the time? Motors will not be knocked off in any situation?

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