v5 Motor Distribution

For the people who are using v5 next year, how do you guys plan to distribute the motors throughout your robot (because you are limited to 8 v5 without any pneumatics, 6 with pneumatics)? We’re thinking about using two motors for the drive and the rest on our launcher and lift? Thoughts?

Right now we have 2 planned on drive and 5 on the other systems. We have some ideas about what we may use the last motor for however we aren’t 100% yet. I can see some >2 motor drives dominating the platform and or caps though

We are planning on using a 4 motor drive. That leaves 4 motors for a lift, flywheel, and two intakes.

When we were beta testing, we used a two motor drive and found that it was faster than our current 4 motor drive. We will probably use 2 motor chassis and leave the rest for a lift, intake, shooter, etc.

2 motor would work, but I get the feeling that being able to push will be big this year. I would go with 4 motor, if you can.

I think that 4 motor 200rpm drive will be the meta.

Maybe with a transmission too. it would be really useful for both defending the parking bonus and getting far away balls.

I have planned 2 drive, 1 cap intake, 1 puncher, 1 ball intake, 2 cascading lift and 1 extra motor