V5 motor failure advice

Hi all,

My team just got our V5 in a classroom starter kit. We are in the UK so ordered it through Rapid (they still have some in stock).
We opened the kit and built the Clawbot as something to do and to test all the new parts.
No more than 5 minutes into its inaugural run did the motor on the claw stop working. I was not there to directly witness the event, but the driver says that he was just driving normally when the ‘Disconnected’ warning appeared on the V5 brain screen, and the motor stopped working.

We changed the cable, port, updated the firmware, everything we could think of. The motor doesn’t even show up in the devices tab at all, and the light doesn’t come on by the port. It must be a fault with the motor.

Is there anything we can try to fix it? I think my mentor sent an email to Rapid - does anybody know Rapid’s policy on this? Will they ask for the whole kit back, or just the motor?


Look at the LED on the motor - is it like the other motors (flashing or not?).

Disconnect motor from brain and see if you can rotate the drive shaft freely, or is seized/locked?

Comparing the motor to others on your robot is a good diagnostic - what is different?

If you can identify an issue - not control from brain (different LED), or mechanic differences - one locked up and the other not, then you have the basis of doing a warrantee replacement request (depending on location…)…

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If the motor has failed we’ll get it sorted. Leave it with your mentor to sort, from what you say it sounds like they have already been in touch with us in which case it will be in hand.

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check the led on the motor. Is it on? if not, try changing the wire or the port

Send it back for exchange. We had it happen to two motors. Also, remember you can not vary the voltage as with the 393’s to add speed or torque them. Use gearing to adjust the motors,
You have to purchase the gear cartridges. You can program some amperage to vary the motors a little.