V5 Motor is blinking red on any port

Hello, me & my team have a problem, which we can`t solve.
On 5 motors the LED is blinking red in any of motor ports. It happens even if we change the brain. And this is sad, thanks for help. =/

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Likely your motor. A blinking light means a burnt port or motor, if you’re changing it and it’s not fixing it, that leads me to believe it’s your motor

Is your motors no longer functioning, or are they just blinking?

Its no longer function

and i forgot to say, what if i change a wire, motor still blinking, but if i change a motor in the same port, new motor is ok.

It’s the motor then, you’ve eliminated all other variables.

yes, i know the reason of my problem, im interested in solution

Change the motor

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send it to vex, or contact vex support. If you purchased the motors recently, they should give you a free replacement

If the motor blinks 3 times in a dimmer light when you plug it into any port, you burnt a motor.

Like @Railgunawesome said, contact vex support

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ok, guys, thanks 4 help, but I know, what it is problem with motor and I know what I "burnt-out " it, but I’m asking if some1 know how to fix it without contacting vex, because there are troubles with motor’s chip and maybe some1 can help with re-programming chip. Thanks again, but I know everything what u wrote in your replies .

p.s. contacting vex - isn’t a solution (we tried it)

The motor is physically damaged (or rather an internal component is damaged) , not much you can do.


Usually electrostatic discharge has caused my motors to burn out, or the ports too. If you have a burnt our motor, you have to get a new one. Like jpearman said

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