V5 Motor limit

Does the V5 8 motor limit mean that since the motors are more powerful, the system can’t handle more?

NO, the 8 motor limit is for the next few years of competition as the current system is being phased out. This will keep the field somewhat level as teams transition from the current system to V5.

Isn’t the 8 motor limit only the old motors?

No its for the v5 so that the old system can have a chance to compete with v5. If you made the old system have less then no one would use it because its not viable.

Do you think there would be a combination (like 269+393) with v5 motors and 393s? an option for maybe 10 motors but like 6 v5 and 4 v4?

I would doubt it because they told us that the legacy ports wouldn’t be ideal for competition so you would probably be better off just doing v5.

I think they’ve said they’re not offering anything like that, not sure though.

Wait so are v5 motors compatible with the v4 cortex? Can you use like say 4 v5 motors and then a certain amount of v4 motors?

Yes there are vintage ports, but VEX has said that it won’t be legal to use a combo of both.

the motors aren’t backwards compatible but the ones we use now can be used limitedly on the v5.

Oh, sorry didn’t read his question fully. @Ethan W. is right.

No. @Paul Copioli has stated in a couple of threads here that if you use the V5 system for competition, you won’t be allowed to use any legacy motors with.

The V5 system can operate a 393 motor (through an MC29) but the intent of that is to allow classroom/educational use of the motors people already have. The motors will operate on a 5V rail, rather than the Cortex 7.2V nominal rail, but they will operate.

I haven’t been tracking V5 info yet, so this is all new to me.

Am I correct in interpreting the above comments in that for next year’s game you can either have:
V5 system with max 8 V5 motors
Cortex system with max 12 “old” motors


That’s what it sounds like. It’s not official yet, though.
Personally I’m kind of rooting for a 6 motor limit, though, because only old IQ people would be able to deal with the motor lack.

What about sensors?

Old sensors are still compatible with the V5.

So a total of 8 legacy ports are on the V5 brain. They support: pistons, motors, analog sensors, digital sensors.

can you have v5 motors on a v4 cortex?


but if it’s 5v, will that affect sensors?