V5 Motor Limit

As a part of the brand new V5 system, there was a lot to look forward to. While V5 isn’t officially out, we do have a slight grasp on its specs and limits. One addition that we all are very excited about is the V5 motors. Sadly you can only have eight on a robot at a time and six with pneumatics. This motor limit most likely has physical limitations, but it does leave the amount to be used on a robot low. What are your thoughts?


The motor limit is not a physical limitation, it is an attempt to level the playing field for people competing with the original cortex systems.

V5 motors are around 2.5 times as powerful as 393s. That means you can have the power of 20 393s on your robot, while the cortex can only have 12.

So you can choose between raw power (V5) and flexibility (cortex).