V5 Motor making grinding noise

Hello, 2 of my V5 motors have recently started to make a loud grinding noise when run. The motors that are making this sound don’t seem to have their performance affected, but I am worried if they are run whatever problem they have could worsen.

Does anyone know what caused this problem or how to fix it? They were just motors on a barely used drive train. Thanks

Clip of motor making sound here( https://streamable.com/9zvrj )

My suggestion would first be to take the motor apart and see if there is by chance some dust or just something in the gears that’s not supposed to be, then get you a light amount of grease and line up all the gears a tad, let me know if that fixes your issue

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I have opened the motor, but I am confused where to apply to my grease and by what you mean to line up gears. Thanks for the reply.

Picture of motor state( https://imgur.com/a/bMcpixY )

so I would make open it and just kind of give the gear cartridge a squirt of grease. see if that fixes it.

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Thanks for the reply, but the gear cartridge does not seem to be the problem as when it is removed the motor still makes the same sounds.

hmm… that’s odd. take it all apart maybe and grease every axle and moving part.

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I will try that, but how would you suggest doing it? A q-tip? And would my White-Lithium Grease work? Thanks

not sure, I haven’t really opened a v5 motor yet, so I probably shouldn’t keep giving advice, but a q tip with white lithium grease sounds fine.

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Someone had a similar issue on the discord awhile ago, I believe it was due to the motor itself. Something about the brushes in the motor being damaged/broken.


The problem seems to of been fixed after blowing out the motor and greasing the gears. Thanks for the help.

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I meant to say lube up the gears rather than line up the gears…

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