V5 Motor On clawbot

Can You put V5 Motors on a clawbot NOT V5

Yeah. You’ll need to code in VCS, but if the motors fit, use them. V5 also has their own clawbot in the bundles.

(You have V5?!?!?!?!)

Yes I do but do you know if the size of the motors will fit on the clawbot

Also it is not about the programming but the physical robot

Probably. I haven’t built a Clawbot in forever, so I’m not for sure, but it should fit.

It doesn’t ( Not to be rude ) Do you know a way to put them on?

Within Competition restraints

Can you send pics of where it doesn’t fit?

Why would you use a clawbot in competition?

Hard pressed for time


That’s fair. As for your problem, I would probably try to cut metal or do a small gear train.

Motor is too big and there isn’t enough time or pieces to build a V5 Clawbot

Any simpler solutions

do you have a dremel?


Yes I just searched it up

But Again Not Enough TIME!!!

Try to cut out a little bit of space by the motors. Try to get some help from your instructor. Dremels are pretty fast, and unless your competition is in 30 minutes, you should be fine. DON’T CUT WIRES.

Can you give me a pic of how that would work?

BTW here is the basic clawbot.