V5 motor overheat

Wow thank you for all the replies i’m definitely going to take them all into consideration with my team.

Though on the side of cooling the outside of the motor what if you where to put a hole on the motor and put compressed air into it.

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This would be an illegal modification to the motor per R22 and R23

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That’s good to know.

Without cooling is there something we could do. We have been thinking about changing our gear ratio to 1:1 to equal it out. We have also thought about adding two more motors to make it 4 wheel drive.

Also to answer some questions up top.

No our robot has not taken any damage that could possibly hinder the performance of our motors/axles/drive train. All four wheels spin well even the ones with the motors. We have two high torque motors I don’t remember the RPMs of the top of my head so ill check at lunch. We had thought about fans but we never knew how to approach it or if it was even legal to have a USB small computer fan. I hope that answers some of the questions up top!

Wait… this is a 2m drive you showed us?

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No wonder why it’s burning out lol


Yeah its been a two motor drive for a while… We will change it after this competition since our teacher does not want major changes. Adding more motors will also mess up our autonomous mode.

Our team had a two motor drive last year. Having hot and burnt out motors after 6 minutes of driving is perfectly normal for a competition robot on a two motor drive. There isn’t really much you can do to improve that, outside of switching to a four motor drive. Our team had to adjust to that.

Despite what everyone says, I think that a two motor drive is ok with V5, but it isn’t good. You suffer from lack of speed and torque, and driver practice is limited to a couple minutes at a time. It’s ok, but I would highly suggest a four motor drive.


Yeah that’s what we have been thinking for a while. Reading what you said we will definitely make this change.

Does anyone know how to show Fahrenheit temp on maybe a mother board or controller constantly during a program so me as a driver can learn when to back of power and not burn out a motor and have to wait forever just to cool down.


you would put this within a while statement
you could possibly have an if statement within the while statement constantly ask if the motor is at or above a certain temperature and when it hits that limit it regulates power input


You should (just my suggestions):

  1. Have a four motor 200 or 280 rpm drive
  2. Use gears to connect drive instead of chain
  3. Build drive out of 2-wide aluminum c-channel for weight savings
  4. Make robot more compact and don’t use steel to reduce weight

Hope this helps!

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Thank you for your helpful information i will use this!

I was going to create a program in order to do this as well at one point but this would actually not help at all. The whole point of the motors shutting down is to actaully cool down the motor faster. I mean the main way to tell you need to give the robot a break is just if it is slowing down. But also make sure if that is just the battery percntage.