V5: Motor Problem

The year Atomic Raven Force is working with the new V5 equipment and after learning that we are only allowed 8 motors, we discovered that motor distribution is going to be essential. Are only other teams working with the V5 this year? And any advice? It will surely help!

Thank you,

Remember that V5 motors are approximately twice as powerful as the 2-wire 393s. This is basically the equivalent of 16 393 motors (in a way). You should be able to run many simple mechanisms off of just one V5 motor, depending on its internal gear ratio. Personally, my motor distribution is 4m drive, 1m ball intake, 1m catapult, 1m cap flipper, and 1m cap lift. The motors really are powerful enough to do more difficult tasks, and with 8, you should have plenty of power to work with. Good luck with V5.

Thank you so much for the help! We really appreciate it!

yes, we are working with v5 too :wink: