V5 motor problem

Okay so, at our first competition are robot ran smoothly and could get on the platform. Now we try to drive it the left side jitters and goes a lot slower. We change the program to another (which is the exact some program but inverted) the jitter is gone and it goes smoothly but now it won’t get on the platform. I noticed one day the motors were hot and starting to burn out, idk if this is why it all started but I really need help.

Might you have bent an axle or similar, causing lots of friction intermittently on one side?

Well I know there is no high friction on the side it’s doimg it on. I took the axel out of the motor and it spinner freely. I haven’t had time to check if it’s bent but that’ll be the next thing I do.

How does the motor feel when you spin it manually?

Is it fluid, or does you encounter random friction/obstruction in the spinning?

It is the best way I can describe a symptom of an intermittent motor that would lock up randomly,.

if you take the motors that jitter off the robot, and drive them without any thing attached, do they still jitter?