V5 motor reach over temp lv4,how to save them?

We have 3 v5 motor over temp and die,I search the forum,and didn’t found the way,how to repair them? return to factory,or leave them die for ever?

Unfortunately, I haven’t found a complete method to fixing motors that reach motor temperature 4. My team has had 2 motors die on us this way, but one has miraculously come back to life after being dead for 2 months. If time is needed, you might be better off returning the broken motors for new ones. Usually there is something that causes the motor to heat up like this and blow itself up. Did all of the motors die on the same mechanism?

Get them RMAed as quickly as you can IMO. The line for getting replacements is going to be growing rapidly as more v5 parts start failing, and it takes long enough already

If you buy a can of compressed air, you can use that to spray the motors when the get hot to cool them off

Just hold it upside down.

2 on the arm,1 on the wheel

Sorry for the late reply. It seems that the arm may have some friction/power problems. Do you have any images of your lift mechanism?

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I obviously have no insight into his arm but I’ve blown out 4 motors this season, only 2 of which were actually under stress. The third one was just on a drive wheel and it blew out the second I turned the robot on, and the fourth one blew out because one of my brain ports blew out and somehow also managed to blow out the wire and the motor. (The motor, wire, and brain port all don’t work, even if the other 2 components are brand new.) Assuming the arm isn’t running at full power into a brick wall, I’d guess the issue is just v5, not anything pertaining to the build.

I’m surprised nothing stops these motors from being permanently dead. Isn’t there something like the PTC of the 393’s that’s supposed to save them from damage?

There is something in the firmware of the V5 motors that is supposed to turn off the motors to prevent damage, but it doesn’t really work…

Ah I see. Figures.

After 4 months using v5 this happened twice in a couple hours. Both times on our drive while we were testing autons (no hard driving). One came back after rebooting. The other stayed “overheated” for at least 30 minutes while I went to get a replacement. Neither motor was even warm to the touch. Switching ports did not change. It’s very odd and concerning.

It’s v5, what do you expect, not buggy software or firmware? “Intelligent Simplicity”?