V5 Motor Seized Up

I have 1 V5 smart motor that is not turning. I have taken the the casing off of the motor to expose the actual motor and plastic gear in the bottom. The red light turns on when it is plugged into the brain. When I test the motor with a program, I can hear it try to turn, but it seizes up immediately. Is there a repair for this, or do I need to replace the motor?
Inside V5 Motor

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is the cartridge siezed up, or the dc motor itself?
if the motor, it’s probably beyond repair. if the cartridge, just get a replacement cartridge.


take the bottom casing off too. there’s an idler between the motor gear and output gear, so maybe one of them is screwed up

image image

(gear im holding in the first pic is the idler)


Thank you! I’ll try that out. Can’t make it any worse, right? :laughing:

We’ve had motors seize up temporarily by what I assume was the brushes spot-welding themselves to the commutator. If it is the motor that has siezed up try giving the shaft a hard twist and it might free up.

My muscles do that too! It’s probably fine then xD


If your motors have been forced to turn, then they’ll temporarily sieze up. Let them rest for a few hours to a few days and they’ll turn again.

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That may very well be the problem. I’ll test the motor again next week and see if it the problem persists. Thank you!