V5 Motor Specifications

Have the specifications of the new v5 motors been released yet? Like is there a page where I can look at stall torque, starting torque, weight, size, etc? Or do we still have to wait?

You will need to wait.

Don’t ask how long. No timeline were announced for the product rollout. (unless I missed it :slight_smile: )

I’ll look for a link but I seem to recall that they have about double the torque of the current motor. I think they also have gear packs available for 100, 200 and 600 rpm. (The current motor has 100, 160, and 240 at “torque, high speed, and turbo.”)

Edit: They also seem to take up a little more space, and include encoders. With the beta testers possibly getting their V5’s soon, even if information is not officially released we will find out more.