V5 Motor Specs

The V5 section of the VEX Website claims that the new V5 motors are “Twice as powerful as the 2-Wire Motor 393” , and also gives us the free speeds of the different internal gearing options - 100, 200 and 600 rpm.

Does anybody know when the other specs of the motors such as an actual figure for stall torque (and not just “twice as powerful as the old ones”), stall current, and free current will be released?

Also, is there any news on the release of VEX Coding Studio? When will it be released, and will RobotC still be compatible with the V5?

The official specs aren’t out there yet as far as I know.

Can’t answer when VCS will be available but the V5 site says it will incorporate Modkit style visual language and ROBOTC style text language which suggests it will supercede both.
There is already Python and C beta interfaces for @RobotMesh.

uhhhhhhh… @DRow

@tabor473 ??


Info from these public sites.



I believe he was asking for more specific info than the V5 product page has to offer. Additionally, Robot Coding Studio and Robot Mesh Studio are two completely different things. Very little specific information has been released about either of those.

Thanks for the info. It’s a shame that we don’t have much information on the V5 motors and VCS yet. Would have been nice to make some detailed comparisons before the new game and V5 are released. I’m also hoping that VCS won’t be too dissimilar to RobotC, as I don’t particularly want to have to learn a new type of programming language/environment to be able to program to the extent I can in RobotC currently… then again… there’s always PROS

I expect VEX will publish a lot more before the end of April. I figure, since many people start building right after the announcement of the next year’s game, VEX will make sure we can buy the motors starting some time before the end of April.

As for VCS, I’ll guarantee it’s a lot different than RobotC, but probably in many ways that those using RobotC wouldn’t even notice. It’s likely much of this is under the hood. VCS is not a programming language. It’s the editor. In the current RobotC the line is fairly blurred between editor/language/compiler. VCS will allow you to program in RobotC, PROS, and others. I’m not sure what they’re doing with the compiler, probably giving options so you can use gcc with PROS, for instance. Also, VCS will work on more platforms than the current RobotC does, like Macs. But I highly suspect they went for continuity so that if you use VCS to program in RobotC on Windows it will feel quite similar. I do wonder based on one comment VEX is making, though, whether RobotC has remained C based or has switched to C++. Scroll down on this page to read some stuff VEX has published about VCS: