V5 Motor Speed

My team has a robot with a flywheel setup to shoot discs. The motor runs at a very low speed when connected to the remote buttons. If I plug the motor into the drive train it runs fast with the joystick. So, the problem isn’t the motor. It seems like the motor isn’t getting the voltage with the button. We use VexCode V5 software I can only connect the motors to a button; it doesn’t allow me to choose the unused joystick. I don’t see anywhere I can adjust that. Can you give me a direction to trouble shoot?

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The default velocity will be 50% unless you tell it otherwise, so you will need to set the velocity of that motor to 100% in your code.


This is a code thing. Sounds like you are using the default controlling settings, but this needs you to code it in. Add a when started event and set the velocity of the motor to your desired speed, velocity is the easiest. However, if the motor isnt set to 100% velocity, it might oscillate in speed. Try using voltage for speeds less than 100% if you happen to need to. Make sure not to use more than 12 volts though

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