V5 Motor Torque

Does anyone know the torque of the inserts in V5 motors?

There are 3 inserts.
Red (100rpm)- more torque less speed.
Green (200rpm)- an equal mix of speed and torque.
Blue (600rpm)- more speed less torque
They can be purchased here:


a red or torque cart gives you 100 rpm and 17.5 inch/pounds of force
a green or speed cart gives you 200 rpm which is 2 times as fast so you take the torque from the 100 and divide it by 2 which is 17.5/2 = 8.75-inch pounds
a blue one is 6 times faster than a 100 so 17.5/6 = 2.916-inch-pounds.

17.5 inch/lb’s basically means that with a 17.5-inch arm you can lift 1 lb at the end of the arm and if you have a 1 inch arm you can lift 17.5 lbs

this is all derived from the torque curves provided by vex on https://www.vexrobotics.com/276-4840.html#Product_Specs


Thank you! This helps a lot!

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