V5 motor won't work with radio plugged in

So, I’m not sure if this is a hardware problem or what… Did the same thing across two brains. I didn’t switch out everything yet but hoping maybe someone has a clue.

The brain will see the motor controller and battery on the device screen. When the radio is connected, the motor will not start. When I disconnect the radio, the motor will spin as instructed.

We first noticed that under the standard drive control it wouldn’t work.

The brain is at 1.1.2 and it isn’t trying to update anything. Curious if I’m just doing something wrong before contacting support.

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Toxic radio syndrome… I have observed this behavior too. Swapping out radios was a temporary fix, but I think there is more to it.

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If the controller/brain thinks it’s connected to a competition switch and disabled, then motors will not run.


Is there something about certain radios that would cause the brain to think it is on a competition switch and disabled?

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A different controller fixed it. Thank you!

It’s not the radio, it’s the fact that unplugging the radio also disconnected the controller.

Looking at the controller and the pins, I’m not sure why this particular controller is disabling the bot. I have a video of the bad controller below. The bot is now paired to a different controller and works great.


@sankeydd if the controller thought it’s connected to a comp-switch and disabled (as suggested by @jpearman), you’d see relevant icons on the controller’s status line, as described in the KB article:

Based on your video, that doesn’t seem to be the case.


Yes, I agree. This controller has also crashed a couple of times. Is there any way to do diagnostics on the controller or just reflash it or something? Anything like the battery medic for controllers?

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Did you open up controller to see if somebody may have spilled apple juice into it and then a curious bug crawled inside to investigate its sugary content?

You may need to do some hardware debugging if something is shorting the pins inside.


I don’t think so… I’m not seeing the “pause” icon at the top of the controller that I should see if it’s in disable mode.

tech problems are often caused by pesky little bugs and food. I also recommend taking a look at the controller’s internals. The middle port on top used for the field connection may or may not be at fault, as that’s the point in which the field connects to the controller. since it thinks it’s disabled with no pause icon, it’s a deeper problem.

So in short, open it up and look for shorting and ensure all ports are connected properly and not being screwy.

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