V5 Motor Zip Tie Downs

Hey @DRow , Can we see if Vex can get some indents on the mold for the motor casings that aid in zip tying down the motors? Small indents like the ones on the present motor controllers?

I know the new design still has the screw access from the faceplate so motors have to be removed to swap out gear cartridges, but many teams want to leave the faceplate attached while swapping out the motor and gears for quick changes without taking large portions of the robot apart.

This is a great idea.

I wonder what if any tune-able features there are in the casing mold. This would just be adding material, so its steel safe. I’d also imagine the change wouldn’t be all that costly to do.

Imagine a little switch on the back (difficult to move, so it doesn’t get hit by acceleration or mechanical movement) that would unlock or lock the back cartridge, for really easy access. I don’t expect they’ll do this, but it would be really cool.

Yep, I agree, wish it was mine. I was speaking with a mentor and he had suggested it.

He was a mentor of the year at World’s a few years back, but didn’t get accepted into the V5 program. Quite a shame, since I am sure he has many more really nice practical ideas. He does First, IQ and VRC as a mentor/instructor, which I would have thought would have been a great background for V5 system review and comment.