V5 Motors Dead and Buzzing?

Hi! We faced an issue regarding the V5 motors. We were testing our robot, one move and one of the motors stopped functioning.
The motor’s red LED went off. We tried to plug the cable into another port of the brain, but the issue is still on.
There was nothing more than a buzzing sound coming from the motor.
What could have caused this issue?

This is a typical reliability issue of the V5 system. Electrostatic discharge is widely theorized to cause issues like this.

Your best course of action is to contact VEX to get a replacement motor.


try not to use longer wires. Static is theorized to cause this but we really dont know. I would look into some conductive sheathing to discharge static i heard that helps

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well, my team has faced something like this, we took apart the motor completely and then cleaned it out and put it back together and is somehow worked. we’ve been doing this every time it happens. make sure if you do it you don’t strip the head of the screws and if you take the gear ratio cartridge that you put it back together correctly otherwise it wont work at all.


I’ve had this problem too. What we did is that we ran wire between the pieces of metal. To ground out the robot. And then had one touching the ground. Since then we have had absolutely no motors or ports on the cortex burn out.


This is a good idea but due to this Q&A is illegal
But as far as I can tell looking at forums and other sources using conductive cable wraps should be legal