V5 Motors PID

Does V5 have PID built in? I mean, I’ve been hearing some speculation and rumors about V5 being built into each motor similar to a Vex IQ smart motor, but haven’t really heard too clearly. Is this true?


Based off of my knowledge V5 has easy pid, which means that you can tell a motor to operate on a PID control loop with a single statement within the coding studio.

Yes, V5 motors have built-in both motor controlled and MCU that performs local PID.
It can do both velocity PID (if you tell it to go 100 RPM, it will keep 100RPM) as well as position PID (Move by 90 degrees and stay), doing some motion planning (or at least ramp up/down) too.
But unlike VEX IQ motors, you can also use open-loop mode, setting the motor “voltage” directly (within safety limits).