V5 Motors Randomly Disconnecting From V5 Brain

Hi everyone,

We recently got our V5 parts and for some reason, after about two weeks of using the system, motors now randomly disconnect from the V5 Brain. None of the parts have been mishandled or abused and everything is in wonderful condition. It had been working fine until today. Now, the ports randomly disconnect from the V5 Brain. On the motor itself, the red LED sometimes blinks and at times it completely shuts off. We were using the first VEXos, but we then updated to the next OS to try to get it to work. This didn’t change anything. As far as we can tell, the problem doesn’t seem to be with any specific wire, motor, or port. Does anyone have any advice on what to try or know of a solution?

We have had one motor like that, it was intermittent. Found that one of the 4 pins inside the motor jack was stuck down, so if the plug pulled out a little it would stop working. Managed to get the pin pulled up and it fixed it. Not sure if that will help, but might check them out if they are intermittent.

How do you start your program? Is it through controller or through the brain? This could be the problem. Your motors might not be disconnecting. It may just be your brain restarting driver control again and again because it keeps losing a connection with the brain. Also, do you have a competition switch of some sort plugged into your controller?

@The Electrobotz Do you crimp your own wires or do you use pre-made ones from vex?

I have noticed that some of the pre-made ones are not very well made, I recently unpacked one where only one of the heads was actually crimped to the wire. Also sometimes, if the cables have been left plugged into the brain, the little plastic fin at the top of the wire head can get less springy, so they could just be very loose in the ports.

We usually start the program through the controller, but the problem happens even if we don’t connect the Brain to the controller. Before even running the program, I was testing for the problem by viewing the Devices screen to see if the Brain detects the motor or not. It seems to just randomly disconnect or connect.

We use both the pre-made VEX ones and we’ve crimped some of our own. However, we’ve tried changing between the two types and the problem is still random.

I will definitely check this out today.

We’re having the same issue… anyone found a solution yet?