V5 Motors unusable with pillow bearings?

So I just found this out when I tried to start on my drive train. I’m using pillow bearings, and when I tried to install the V5 motor perpendicular to the c-channel, I found that the motor doesn’t fit! I dont want to dremel the c-channel. Has anyone found a decent work-around to this?

Ya the V5 motors don’t fit that way. The easiest solution is a spacer or washer.

There are more complicated solutions as well.

oof design overlook I guess. That’s gonna be annoying

Ya you will also find they don’t work in 2/3 of the holes on a 2 wide c channel even in the orientation you expect them to be used.

that’ll be pretty annoying when building. I thought the motor’s screw holes were the same as the old ones and the back was bigger, but I guess not

That’s odd. I would have expected the screw holes and axle would have been spaced at 0.5" each like before. If they’re off, I’m surprised that wasn’t caught in beta testing.

@callen They are on .5" spacing like the rest of the VEX system. What people are referring to is the posts to mount the V5 motors are thicker than those for the 393 and don’t fit in tight places as well, if I’m reading this right. More torque means the motor mount needs more strength.

So the issue is that the posts are the same thickness and then just a bit too early they switch to being thicker.

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easy to tell picture

Ah. I get it now. They probably won’t fit in the turntables then, right?

Another thing I found is that the thicker section around the axle socket is too thick to fit both a shaft collar and a bearing flat. Once again, another design overlook that i’d expect to get pretty annoying in the future.

That may be a good thing lol

I think we should just take a small dremel to those parts (like, they shouldn’t be that important right?).

Pretty sure this would count as modifying motors, and would be illegal. You can ask in the q and a if you want though.

just flip the c-channel to the flat side.

Thank you for this very useful insight. How could everyone just overlook this?

well, that still will take about half and inch or so more room for each motor.

I was being sarcastic

ah. makes more sense

so has anyone found a better way than spacers to use a pillow bearing drive with v5

I also ran into this problem. You can mount the motors on the edges of the c-channels by taking the threaded inserts out of them and mounting them on the outside. The motor will take up a little more room, but it works.

Here is the official Q&A saying this is legal:

Here is the turntable manual giving instructions on how to do it (see Docs & Downloads at the bottom of the page):